Case for Support

For any non-profit institution focusing on its structure and management of resources is important. DTP values the time of its stakeholders and partners. Because in their personal growth lies the success of DTP. It intends to physically mentor one of its participants so that they can implement this training-based learning in their professional life. Therefore, it is essential to plan before any training project carefully. These questions are the building blocks of strategic communications trainee programmes.

⇒   What are the goals?
⇒   Who are the audiences?
⇒   What are the key messages?
⇒   What are the voice and tone?
⇒   Through what channels will it communicate?

The DTP promises to develop a group of journalists who are experts in modern technologies and ready to take full advantage of them. DTP by offering capacity building training and conducting various digital-driven journalism workshops focusing on the utilization of modern tools, technologies and devices to ensure the quality of news.  Effective news from the right recourses safeguards the audience as well as maintains transparency. Thus, DTP emphasizes utilizing the power of modern technology to practice journalism more efficiently. DTP is an innovation, a visual immersive storytelling learning platform that inspires aspiring and professional journalists to tell their stories in innovative ways.