Universities are among the most important contributors to the development of societies and nations. They have been seen as centers for learning, creativity, personal development and knowledge creation. For the universities to thrive, dialogues between the academics and professionals are necessary. Such dialogues help universities understand the need of the industry, which in turn enable them to help their students become industry-ready professionals. Alongside, such dialogues assist in networking and collaborations, and help the academics remain updated about their discipline. Keeping these in mind, the Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) Department of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh has devoted a significant part of its efforts towards ensuring quality education through organizing dialogues in the form of conferences, seminars, symposiums etc. in collaboration with local and international universities, research and professional organizations. The department believes such activities will help fulfilling the following objectives:
• To create and disseminate new knowledge;
• To help nations achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
• To provide networking opportunities for academics and professionals; and
• To become a regional knowledge hub in the discipline.