Programs, Projects and Activities: Smooth Digital Transition

Where we work

The DTP is active across the Globe. It provides In-house training programs from one to multiple days are offered at the ULAB Media HUB in Dhaka, Bangladesh. However, the DTP also offers training programs remotely. The DTP has partnerships with local media organizations, Development agencies, international media development institutes, and customized corporate training are offered around the country prioritising the requirements of the partners and clients.

DTP plans its programs, projects, and activities to set short-term and long-term goals to create a real impact on the media organizations. DTP’ ensures that it should be beneficial for their stakeholders whenever they design any programs, projects, and activities throughout the fiscal calendar.

Programs: Empowering Direct Stakeholders

DTTP designs its programs in a way where they can straightway create an impact in the stakeholders’ lives by empowering them.

Membership: i-Journalist

Under DTP’s banner, there is a membership program called- i-Journalist. The design of this program is mainly targeting focused groups. Any student at the age bracket of 20-24 years old is eligible to apply here. This platform is entirely open for all nationalities, ethnicity, religion, gender, and race. Anyone can apply for this role as long as they are currently studying in an institution. The reason behind this program is to orient students to a bigger platform where they can develop their soft skills and learn various things related to internet-based journalism.

Masterclass (Online and Offline)

The Masterclass is for everyone. Experts from the industry share their knowledge on how to practice ephemeral journalism seamlessly while addressing online audiences. They will also teach different aspects of mobile journalism, immersive and digital storytelling, data collection, protection and dissemination of it and using various gadgets to cover news reporting. This is a registration-based event. The reason behind this program is to empower the direct stakeholders with industry knowledge. Anyone with a journalism background can register to straightway learn from the industry experts, and in the long run, they can implement this knowledge in their professional work.

Projects: Improving Digital Skills-set

DTTP in its year-long programme runs several projects that empower stakeholders with both short-term and long-term benefits.

Social Media & Mobile Journalism Workshop (Individual Focused)

Every quarter DTP commits to conduct at least one workshop with elaborate detailing related to Mobile Journalism. (Online/Offline) Mobile Journalism Workshop is designed for journalists who are ready to explore this new era of digital journalism.
The 2-day long workshop teaching methods include both Synchronous and Asynchronous. Participants will learn in detail how to create the multimedia storyline, video storytelling, shooting and editing on mobile devices. Besides this, they will learn how to write a format a storyline, script, handle pre-production, production, and post-production, and finally, screen their work to different related platforms. This style is more appropriate for journalism students and freelance journalists who are looking for an opportunity in this sector. However, this is a registration-based course, open for all. The offline workshop focuses on the same module- pre-poduction, production and post-production design and content making.
This workshop is for the selected group of participants who already have a brief understanding of journalism and its ethics. Through this workshop, they get the theoretical ideas of content making, the process of concept development, framing techniques, and finally, how to submit their ideas to relative fields of journalism or media organizations. This workshop is an initiation to develop portfolios only. Certificates will be provided to each participant upon completion of the workshop.

Development sector and NGO: (Individual Focused)

DTP is not only journalism focused. Their main target is to digitally empower employees who need to be tech-savvy for their work purpose. DTP’s other component is giving training to the development sector and NGO workers. These stakeholders can learn the use of mobile and digital technologies to create digital stories, web-based and mobile-friendly content as well as store them in the cloud.  Because most of the time they work on field from where they need to update the head office regarding the status on the ground. This digital proficiency will help them to perform better. However, they will be able to develop a social media ecosystem to increase their visibility in the wire.

Activities: Journalists’ Skill Development

From the beginning of the DTP, the core principle would be to offer journalists a certain type of exposure and develop a set of skills focusing on that area.

Training (Organization Focused)

DTP organizes training programs for different mainstream press and media organizations so that they get ready to take on the challenges of web 2.0 journalism. DTP offers training on multimedia storytelling, mobile reporting, social media live reporting, data visualization, storytelling with User Generation Content (UGC), drone journalism, VR journalism, fact-checking, video storytelling, writing for aggregator websites, ephemeral storytelling in web 2.0 journalism, infodemic management and podcasting. Since this is an organization focused training program that’s why DTP can tailor their sessions according to the needs of the client. There will be several types of customized training modules that will fit the requirements of the partners.
Traditional print-media companies can opt for this kind of training program focusing on their needs. The impact of this program is multifaceted. First, focusing on its short-term goal- helps the stakeholders understand the various aspects of mobile technology and digital journalism. This also allows them to find out what kind of style suits them the best and develop their expertise on that.

Production: DTP’  Boot Camp

DTP values its stakeholders and their needs. To meet that DTP offers boot camps in various ways. One is focused on Journalism start-ups. DTP will develop a strategic plan to run each of the boot camps. The outcome of the boot camp is to bring an idea to the market and ensure its sustainability. This ensures individual growth in a new marketplace.
Another one is for the companies who are operating in the market for a long period and now going through a transition phase. And the best way to take any organization through the wheel of change is by strengthening its teamwork. The boot camps are going to be an intense training session where DTP focuses on the company’ technical literacy, internal communication strategy, market positioning of the company and developing the skill of their employees. To survive and grow in a digital era, one needs to be aware of modern innovations and how to use those for the betterment of the work environment.
DTP supports the organizations and builds a network within and outside the company. The target is to connect the media professionals with grassroots journalists as well. This initiative instantly boosts the confidence of the stakeholders and encourages them to take a creative risk, which is very important at the initial stage. And to do that, DTP provides the participants with logistical support and expert advice. The boot camp is an excellent place to get career counselling, a research-based focus business plan for the young entrepreneurs and appropriate training facilities based on the market demand.

And to do that, DTP provides the participants with logistical support and expert advice. The boot camp is an excellent place to get career counselling, a research-based focus business plan for the young entrepreneurs and appropriate training facilities based on the market demand.