The Axis MIL began its journey as an outreach program of the Media Studies and Journalism at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) in 2020 with Dr. Jude William Genilo as its and Md. Aminul Islam as its coordinator. It must be noted that Aminul Islam attended a forum on Media Information Literacy organized by the Philippines Association of Media Information Literacy in Manila held between February 17-18, 2020 where he realized the importance of having a network of educators on MIL. Later, he became the joint secretary of GAPMIL for South Asia. With the experience in Manila, Aminul began working on initiating activities of Axis MIL. In the beginning, a team of 5 volunteer students was formed. Now the number of teams has increased to 15. To date, the volunteers organized 16 webinars on different issues of media information literacy, fake news, and fact-checking in collaboration with A2i program of the Bangladesh government and Dhaka Online School, a network of school and college-level teachers to provide education through an online platform.