Fundraising Plan

Any non-profit organization that is focusing on the social impact needs financial support to carry on its project. Therefore, it is important for them to create a website well-informed and well-accessed.
While designing the website there are a few things that need to be considered.

When a donor visits the website, it should be easy to recognize the reason, the method towards it, project impact, and how they can assist work.

About us
The website should clearly answer the question: What does the programme do, and why does it matter?

About DTP

Digital Transformation Training Program (DTP) is an open-spaced platform for journalists to explore and master digital aspects of journalism. It is a one-stop solution provider for both professionals and newbies who want a smart transition in their journalism careers. DTP is the bridge that connects mainstream journalists to the world of digital storytelling that utilises new mobile technologies. A selective set of mentors and instructors of ULAB have committed to organizing various activities of DTP. Journalists from everyday walk-in life are welcome to join this new platform to empower them with digital technologies.

What we do
It is an opportunity to dive deeper into the activities and programs you carry out to achieve your mission. Non-profits often title this “What We Do,” “Our Work,” or “Projects.”

DTP’s objective:

DTP’s purpose is to help traditional mainstream professionals to introduce the Web 2.0 media world so that they can improve their adaptation capacity. By offering them a smooth transit DTP ensures better productivity and increased job retention for the aspiring as well as the traditional masters. DTP is the platform where technological advancement cannot be a bearer while exploring digital news issues. These journalists with the proper guidance can generate the right opportunities in the professional arena.

DTP’s Motto:
“Career, Counsel and Commitment”.
“Training for empowerment”

Non-profit Title:
‘Thrive to grow, together
‘Your success, our commitments’

To demonstrate the scale and depth of the impact and feature them on the DTP homepage. Here will be blog posts, stories about projects and beneficiaries, volunteer testimonials, and the annual report.

How to Join
DTP’s website should make it easy for journalists to be a part of the community. There will be an eye-catching “Join the Team” button or link to a “Membership” page in the header. Where anyone can choose from the training program, boot camp or even become the i-journalist and different events option.

The website will include other important elements to ensure transparency:

  • Theory of Change
  • Organizational Chart and Core Members (Board, Adviser, Instructors)
  • Donors and Sponsors
  • Financial Statement
  • Contacts, Feedback, Address and Social Media

Donation sources and receivables
DTP from the beginning identifies its’ needs and sources and categorized the receivables following those.

Funding Sources:

  • Funding Source #1 Foundations
  • Funding Source #2 Corporations
  • Funding Source #3 Other Universities
  • Funding Source #4 Media
  • Funding Source #5 Small Donors
  • Funding Source #6 Government
  • Funding Source #7 International funding agencies
  • Funding Source #8 Embassies, Consulates and Missions of overseas countries

Support and receivable donation
The training and workshops and other events that DTP promises are going to enhance the professionalism among their participants. This highly compact training program is focused on the target audience-based. Here open for all do not apply. DTP has divided its support and receivables into three groups.


With a small number of registration fees, anyone can be a part of the i-Journalism program. It will give them access to the bigger community. They can get expert opinions or suggestions and most importantly discount on the registration fees of any Independent event.


To fulfil DTP’s mission, anyone can lend their hands as a volunteer- invest time and expertise. DTP needs expert and non-expert volunteers with writing, organizing, hosting, speaking, promoting, networking, and designing skills.  Even one can be a part of this training program by vouching for DTP – witnessing, endorsing and narrating their experiences with us.

In-kind Support

To organize and conduct a training program, DTP needs infrastructural support as well. Any in-kind support is welcome as long as it goes with DTP mission, vision and goal.



Our office and training Hub is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Please locate us through the Google Map.

The Digital Transformation Program
The ULAB Media Hub
Contact Number : +8801705059549