Case for Support

Like every other non-profits organization, DIMFF has limited time and resources. Because every year the festival calendar starts with a fresh new executive body. The purpose is to physically mentor one batch at a time so that they can implement this learning in their academic and later on practical life. Therefore, it is essential to plan before any communications project carefully. These questions are the building blocks of strategic communications.

  • What are the goals?
  • Who are the audiences?
  • What are the key messages?
  • What are the voice and tone?
  • Through what channels will it communicate?

Films exhibited at the DIMFF narrated the stories of people we seldom hear about – acid burn victims, forgotten refugee journalists and souls trapped in cyclical routines. These films about the nameless, faceless everyday people were composed, produced and exhibited – thanks to the advent of mobile phone technology.

Advancements in the development of mobile phones have enabled these gadgets to perform similar to video cameras and audio recorders. Constant improvements in mobile applications have brought forward handy, user-friendly editing software.  Now, more than ever, it is possible to tell stories effectively using mobile phones.

The DIMFF inspires and sparks creativity in storytelling from people with limited income or resources; it encourages filmmakers to harness the immense possibilities of propagating authentic narratives about identities, societies and everything in between. DIMFF is an innovation that creates a real impact on society.

Fundraising Plan

For any non-profit organization that is focusing on the social impact needs a financial support to carry on their project. Therefore, it is important for them to create a website well-informed and well-accessed.

While designing the website there are few things need to be considered.


When a donor visits the website, it should be easy to recognise the cause, the approach towards it, project impact, and how they can support work.

About us

The website should clearly answer the question: What does the organization do, and why does it matter?


The Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) is a unique platform for artistic exploration and social entrepreneurship. It is a pioneer festival for films exclusively shot on mobile phones. DIMFF is the bridge that connects filmmakers to the world of storytelling that utilizes new mobile technologies. A selective set of students of ULAB has been organizing DIMFF since 2015. Filmmakers from around the globe are enjoying this new platform to uphold their voices.

What we do

It is opportunity to dive deeper into the activities and programs you carry out to achieve your mission. Non-profits often title this “What We Do,” “Our Work,” or “Projects.”

DIMFF’s Objective

DIMFF’s purpose is to inspire and spark creativity in storytelling from people with limited income or resources and encourage filmmakers to harness their dreams and recognize the immense possibilities to accomplish them. The Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival is for newness, change and opportunity. This new generation will establish new communication overcoming race, color, religion, and ideology with their new tools. DIMFF is the platform where language cannot be a bearer while discussing issues. These young minds need the right opportunity and guidance to make this world a better place.

DIMFF’s Motto: ‘New generation, New tools, New communication.’

Non-profit Title: ‘Our commitments’/’Thrive to grow, together’/’Your success, our commitments’


In this section, select 2–3 strong data points to demonstrate the scale and depth of the impact and feature them on your homepage. Here one can add blog posts, stories about projects and beneficiaries, volunteer testimonials, and the annual report.

DIMFF’s Journey

  • Celebrates 8 years of mobile filmmaking culture
  • 5,798 Registrar Audience
  • 600 plus film submissions
  • 50 plus countries participation

How to Donate

DIMFF’s website should make it easy for donors to donate. Add an eye-catching “Donate” button or link to a “How to Donate” page in your header.


Website must include other important elements to ensure transparency:

  • Theory of Change
  • Organizational Chart and Core Members (Board, Adviser, EC)
  • Donors and Sponsors
  • Financial Statement
  • Contacts, Feedback, Address and Social Media

Donation sources and receivables

DIMFF from the beginning identifies its’ needs and sources and categorized the receivable following those.

Funding Sources

  • Funding Source #1 Foundations
  • Funding Source #2 Corporations
  • Funding Source #3 Other Universities
  • Funding Source #4 Media
  • Funding Source #5 Small Donors
  • Funding Source #6 Government

Support and receivable donation

Small Donations

  • For BDT 100 (USD 1), one can help boost the reach of these wonderful stories.
  • For BDT 500 (USD 5), one can support a mobile filmmaking workshop for one participant.
  • For BDT 5,000 (USD 50), one can fund 10 percent of a product that would have otherwise never been told.
  • For BDT 25,000 (USD 250), one can fund 50 percent of a production that would have otherwise never been told.
  • For BDT 30,000 (USD 300), one can fund support 10 percent of the cost of the formal festival ceremony.


To fulfil DIMFF’s mission, anyone can lend their hands as a volunteer- invest time and expertise. DIMFF needs social entrepreneurs with writing, organizing, hosting, speaking, promoting, networking, decorating and designing skills.  Even one can be a part of this creative family by vouch for DIMFF – witnessing, endorsing and narrating their experiences with us.

In-kind Support

To organize and run a festival, DIMFF needs infrastructural support as well. In previous years, DIMFF had received in-kind support such as festival venue, trophies, bottled water, publicity and promotion, merchandising materials (like t-shirts) from different sources.


DIMFF’s commitment lies with the community. And what can be the best by empowering students from different educational institutes? Therefore, DIMFF promotes and encourages students to replicate DIMFF’s activities and create their own storytelling narrative. Through this, DIMFF can expand its vision in different localities.