Theory of Change

Why does DIMFF believe in Theory of Change

The consumeristic approach towards the marketplace has created a profound impact in the creative industry. People with means have better access to resources compared to the underprivileged or voiceless people. But to create a sustainable society, it is vital for the voiceless to have their stories told.

DIMFF understands that if we empower people to tell their stories, we can establish a decolonized society. But, unfortunately, only a few people are privileged to have the resources to speak their minds. In contrast, most people do not have the resources or the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and aspirations, resulting in them being colonized and subjugated.

If we develop a social entrepreneurial mindset, we nurture creative and critical thinking, empowering people to tell their stories. At the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh’s Media Studies and Journalism Department, we promote the attributes of courage, economic intelligence, social motivation and quick alternative thinking in our students.

Following that motto, the Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) inspires and sparks creativity in storytelling from people with limited income or resources. It encourages filmmakers to harness the immense possibilities of disseminating authentic narratives from identities to societies. The DIMFF has an executive body and a core team of volunteers who work year-round to ensure the festival’s success. DIMFF is an innovation that creates a real impact on society.

Stakeholders and Network of DIMFF
Stakeholders and Network of DIMFF

How does DIMFF implement the Theory of Change

DMIFF, to fulfil its theory of change, is engaged in the following activities:

Education: DIMFF conducts mobile filmmaking workshops so that voiceless groups (such as out of school youth, students, rural and urban poor and indigenous communities) to tell their stories.
Production: DIMFF supports in the creation of stories by and about the voiceless. It provides financial, logistical and expert advice to those who have become brave enough to tell their stories.
Platform Provision: DIMFF provides a platform for these stories to be exhibited. Moreover, it gives recognition to these types of films – recognizing the power of stories to change the world.
Network Provision: DIMFF is a place where like-minded souls meet so that collaboration would be possible in the future.

DIMFF- Theory of Change
DIMFF- Theory of Change