About DTP, Vision, Mission & Goal

About DTP

The Digital Transformation Program aims to help media organizations, as well as aspiring and established journalists, transition into the digital era.  It was established to keep abreast of trends relating to the digital transformation of the media and as a consequence, provide training and strategic advice.  Regarding media capacity building activities, some important new journalism skill sets include multimedia storytelling, mobile reporting, social media live reporting, data visualization, storytelling with User Generated Content (UGC), drone journalism, VR journalism, fact-checking, video storytelling, writing for aggregator websites, ephemeral storytelling in web 2.0 journalism, infodemic management, podcasting and other interactive media technologies.  The program goes beyond the realm of traditional journalism, it endeavours to support creative innovations and develop a new breed of media professionals and industry experts. The program will also organize regular boot camps for journalism entrepreneurs and start-ups; helping the community transform their ideas into reality. Lastly, it tackles the need of current media students who need to earn while they learn.  Based on our research, only half of private university media students receive financial support from their parents.


Decolonized minds through media education and innovation.


“Preserving truth in the digital era.” or “Truth at all costs.”

Goal Statements

  • To orient and brief the aspiring journalists, professionals and media organizations about the constant technological development that directly impacts the newsgathering process and dissemination. (Research)
  • To support journalists with strategic planning on how to navigate their career and adapt to change considering the constant transformation of the digital era. (governance)
  • To train aspiring journalists, professionals and media organizations to produce immersive multimedia content benefiting from digital knowledge. (education/training)